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The Citizendium is looking for a few good writers to author or improve encyclopedic articles on any subject. Expertise and experience in history, psychology, literature, sociology, and other of the liberal arts is needed for articles that have been neglected for nearly a decade and were incomplete to start with.

The Citizendium resembles Wikipedia superficially, but it has a different purpose. Whereas Wikipedia writes via massive crowd sourcing, The Citizendium's smaller community of collaborators (who use their real names) strive for quality of narrative, as well as objectivity and accuracy. Our license allows material to be ported to other destinations later and shared (with attribution), so The Citizendium makes a good staging area for articles that may be copied elsewhere later on. You'll have helpful collaborators, whom you become familiar with—but not so many that they overwhelm you. We allow multiple articles about a given topic to be written, too.

And if you aren't up for creating a full history article on your own, it can be fun to browse around to different topics and contribute corrections or additions as you see fit. See recent changes to history articles, psychology articles, or literature articles, for example.

Please apply for an account here. We go through a manual process of verifying your name and correlating that with your email. Applications can take a day or two in getting set up.

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