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This page contains standards and regulations related to Works subpages.

We would like a historian, literary scholar, philosopher, or other humanist to help fill out this page. It should describe our policies with regard to lists of written works (books, poems, written music, etc.).

What are Works pages?

"Works" subpages contain lists of books, articles, artworks, etc., (but not films or music, which would go on the Videography or Discography subpages) authored or otherwise created by the person who is the subject of the main article. They are separate from "Bibliography" pages, which contain lists of books, articles, etc., about the subject of the main article.


"Works" subpages fulfill a very particular need: they provide a listing of the works which appeared in an author's lifetime (and, in some cases, posthumously). The "works" subpage is not the location for a detailed discussion of the chronology of different works or a discussion of the contexts or causes of the work's creation. These sorts of discussions properly belong in the main article. It may be proper to discuss briefly changes made in different editions of an author's work, unless the text becomes too long or too burdened. In which cases these sorts of discussions should be moved into the main article.

Each work should include title, publisher, and date of original publication.

Heading and format standards

On the "Works" subpage, the name of the author need not be included except where there was a co-author. It is understood that the author of the work is the person named in the main article.

Guidelines for editing

Since there's nothing here yet, I will provide a pointer to an article that has one of these: Claude Shannon. I was working on this article and others felt that the works needed to go on a separate tab, which I personally would not have chosen, since I intended to center the article around a discussion of these works, but after I saw it, I thought I could live with it, and that it was perhaps even rather nice.Pat Palmer 15:15, 10 May 2008 (CDT)

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