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A list of key readings about Dallas.
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Guides and popular history

  • Acheson, Sam Hanna. Dallas Yesterday, (1977)
  • Buckner, Sharry. City Smart: Dallas/Ft. Worth (2000) excerpt and text search
  • Calvin, Peter A. Dallas, Texas: A Photographic Portrait (2007) excerpt and text search
  • Fitzgerald, Ken. Dallas Then and Now (2001), 144pp; excerpt and text search
  • Hazel, Michael V. Dallas: A History of "Big D." (1997). 73 pp.
  • McDonald, . William L. Dallas Rediscovered: A Photographic Chronicle of Urban Expansion, 1870-1925 (1978).
  • Payne, Darwin. Dallas: An Illustrated History (1982).
  • Rafferty, Robert R. Lone Star Guide to the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, (2nd ed. 2003)
  • Rogers, John William. The Lusty Texans of Dallas (3rd ed. 1965)
  • WPA Writers' Program. The WPA Dallas Guide and History, ed. Maxine Holmes and Gerald D. Saxon (1939; 1992).

Specialized studies

  • Acheson, Sam. 35,000 Days in Texas (1938), a history of the Dallas Morning News and its conservative political and economic positions
  • Behnken, Brian D. "The 'Dallas Way': Protest, Response, and the Civil Rights Experience in Big D and Beyond." Southwestern Historical Quarterly 2007 111(1): 1-29. Issn: 0038-478x
  • Biderman, Rose G. "The Sanger Brothers and Their Role in Texas History." Western States Jewish History 1996 28(2): 149-158. Issn: 0749-5471
  • Chipman, Donald, Randolph Campbell, and Robert Calvert. The Dallas Cowboys and the National Football League (1970), stress on business side of the field
  • Cristol, Gerry. A Light in the Prairie: Temple Emanu-El of Dallas, 1872-1997. (1998). 312 pp.
  • Decker, Stefanie. "Women in the Civil Rights Movement: Juanita Craft Versus the Dallas Elite." East Texas Historical Journal 2001 39(1): 33-42. Issn: 0424-1444
  • Enstam, Elizabeth York. "The Dallas Equal Suffrage Association, Political Style, and Popular Culture: Grassroots Strategies of the Woman Suffrage Movement, 1913-1919." Journal of Southern History 2002 68(4): 817-848. Issn: 0022-4642 online edition
  • Enstam, Elizabeth York. Women and the Creation of Urban Life: Dallas, Texas, 1843-1920. (1998). 284 pp. online edition
  • Fairbanks, Robert B. "Rethinking Urban Problems: Planning, Zoning, and City Government in Dallas, 1900-1930." Journal of Urban History 1999 25(6): 809-837. Issn: 0096-1442 Fulltext: Ebsco
  • Fairbanks, Robert B. For the City as a Whole: Planning, Politics, and the Public Interest in Dallas, Texas, 1900-1965. (1998). 318 pp.
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  • Hazel, Michael V., ed. Dallas Reconsidered: Essays in Local History (2000), 325pp
  • Hazel, Michael V. The Dallas Public Library: Celebrating a Century of Service, 1901-2001. (2001). 252 pp.
  • Hill, Patricia Evridge. Dallas: The Making of a Modern City. (1996). 240 pp. the standfard scholarly history
  • Hill-Aiello, Thomas A. "Dallas, Cotton and the Transatlantic Economy, 1885-1956." PhD dissertation U. of Texas, Arlington 2006. 326 pp. DAI 2007 67(9): 3555-A. DA3229563 Fulltext: ProQuest Dissertations & Theses
  • Linden, Glenn M. Desegregating Schools in Dallas. (1995). 243 pp.
  • McElhaney, Jacquelyn Masur. Pauline Periwinkle and Progressive Reform in Dallas. (1998). 201 pp. online edition
  • Morgan, Ruth P. Governance by Decree: The Impact of the Voting Rights Act in Dallas. University Press of Kansas, 2004. 326 pp.
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  • Payne, Darwin. As Old as Dallas Itself: A History of Lawyers in Dallas, the Dallas Bar Associations, and the City They Helped Build. (1999). 325 pp.
  • Phillips, Michael. White Metropolis: Race, Ethnicity, and Religion in Dallas, 1841-2001. (2006). 300 pp.
  • Phillips, Michael. White Violence, Hegemony, and Slave Rebellion in Dallas, Texas, Before the Civil War. East Texas Historical Journal 1999 37(2): 25-35. Issn: 0424-1444
  • Prior, Marsha, and Robert V. Kemper. "From Freedman's Town to Uptown: Community Transformation and Gentrification in Dallas, Texas," Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development, Vol. 34, 2005 online edition
  • Tatman, Arthur T. "La Camara, 1939: a 'Mexican; Chamber of Commerce Forms in Dallas. Journal of the West 2006 45(4): 36-47. Issn: 0022-5169 online at ABC-CLIO
  • Thometz, Carol Estes. The Decision-Makers: The Power Structure of Dallas (1963) online edition

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