Fireboats of Texas

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Fireboat Howard T. Tellepsen in the Houston Channel.

List of fireboats of Texas

Some fireboats operated in Texas
name operator commissioned retired notes
Port Houston Houston 1926 1950
  • The world's first diesel-electric fireboat
Captain Crotty Houston 1950 1983
Captain W.L Farnsworth Houston Port Authority 1973 2013
  • In 1971 the Texas legislature added new responsibilites to the Port Authority, which required additional vessels.
J.S. Bracewell Houston Port Authority 1983 2013
Howard T. Tellepsen Houston Port Authority 1983 2014
Fireboat 1 Houston Port Authority 2013
Fireboat 2 Houston Port Authority 2013
Fireboat 3 Houston Port Authority 2014
Conroe, Texas 2016
Marine 1 Jacksonville, Texas 2019 [2]


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