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Gary Graff is a music journalist based in Detroit, Michigan. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1960, Graff graduated Taylor Allderdice High School where he wrote articles on music and other subjects in its school newspaper, The Foreword, and was also its advertising editor. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelor's degree in journalism. Graff became prominent writing music criticism for the Detroit Free Press in the 1980's where he was its music editor from 1982-1995. In 1995, he lost his job at the Detroit Free Press when he refused to cross a picket line during a strike he considered "right and just." [1] He has since freelanced for sources such as New York Times Features Syndicate, Backstreets, Billboard, Boston Globe, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Earwax, Guitar World, Launch Radio Networks, The Oakland Press, People, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Reuters wire service, Revolver, Rolling Stone, Soundprint, Stereotype, and San Francisco Chronicle. Graff has regularly reported rock news on the radio for Detroit's WCSX-FM and Milwaukee's WLZR-FM. He founded the MusicHound series of album guides, which published volumes in rock, blues, and country music, and in 2005 Graff published an encyclopedic look at the music of and business surrounding Bruce Springsteen entitled The Ties That Bind: Bruce Springsteen A to E to Z.


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Interview with with Gary Graff at the University of Michigan School of Music's American Music Institute[1]