Gerald Valerian Wellesley

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Gerald Valerian Wellesley
Gerald Valerian Wellesley Evans.jpg
Born 1770-12-07[1]
Dangan Castle, County Meath, Ireland[1]
Died 1848-10-24[1]
Occupation Bishop

Gerald Valerian Wellesley was a member of the influential Wellesley family of eighteenth-century England and a brother of Arthur_Wellesley,_1st_Duke_of_Wellington.[1][2] His eldest brother Richard Wellesley, inherited the title Earl of Mornington, in the Irish House of Lords.

Gerald joined the church.[2] He is widely described as rising up to be a Bishop, in the Church of England, but a biography of his brother Arthur, the Duke of Wellington, published just four years after Gerald's death, merely describes him as a "pious and peaceful" clergyman.[3]

All four of Gerald's brothers, who survived to adulthood, were appointed to the UK House of Lords.[4]