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Go-onto-target (GOT) is a paradigm for precision-guided munition guidance. GOT, as opposed to go-onto-location-in-space (GOLIS), does not assume the desired final impact point is known when the munition is released. It will involve providing terminal guidance for the final approach of the weapon to the target. A "target" may be the true target, or a surrogate marker such as the spot of a laser designator.

GOT includes both the cases when there is only general knowledge that a target exists in a given area, such as in bearing only mode and the case where the target is visible on sensors, but is likely to be maneuvering while the munition is in flight. In the former case, the weapon turns on its own sensors once it has traveled an inertial or compass path to the target area. In the latter case, the weapon may lock onto the target before it leaves the launcher, but will maneuver as needed to make a hit.

Representative methods include: