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Nevada is one of the states constituting the United States of America. It joined the Union as the 36th state on October 31, 1864. It has an area of 110,567 square miles (286,368 square kilometers) and an estimated population of 2,600,167 (in 2008). It borders California on the west, Oregon and Idaho on the north, Utah on the east, and Arizona on the southeast. Its northern border coincides with the 42nd parallel of latitude and its border with Utah lies at 114° W exactly. Nevada's capital is Carson City. More than one-half of the Nevadans live in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and almost one-fourth in that of Reno. Both cities are known for their many gambling casinos.

The University of Nevada was established as a college preparatory school in Elko in 1874. It now has campuses in Reno and Las Vegas.


Physiography (land forms)

USGS shaded relief map of Nevada

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