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The '''stage''' is the fundamental [[chronostratigraphy|chronostratigraphic unit]].
The '''stage''' is the fundamental [[chronostratigraphy|chronostratigraphic unit]].

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* [http://www.stratigraphy.org/ International Commission on Stratigraphy]
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The stage is the fundamental chronostratigraphic unit.

Being chronostratigraphic units, stages represent the body of rocks formed during a given interval of geologic time. The corresponding geochronologic units are called ages.

Stages/ages are formally defined following the indications of the ICS (International Commission on Stratigraphy). More specifically, stages/ages are defined by the GSSP of their base, their top being defined by the GSSP of the overlying stage/age.

A list of stages/ages may be found here.

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