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Anh Nguyen is Adjunct Professor of Finance at ICHEC Management School in Brussels since 2008. He holds Finance courses.

He has also given numerous courses for students and executives (Among which prestigious universities like theFree University of Brusselsand HEC-Ecole de Gestion de l'Université de Liège).

He is also a quantitative asset manager in one of the biggest Belgian bank. He works there for more than 5 years, speciallizing in alpha factor generation. Before that, he was teaching and research assistant at the University of Liège (ULg). He specialized in the field of finance (his research were focussed on speculative bubbles and the history of finance).

He holds a Master in Business Administration from the University of Liège, Belgium.


Disciplines: Financial Economics, Neuroeconomics, Behavioral Economics, Econometrics, Economic History.

Thematic: Investment Management, Behavioral Finance, History of Finance.


CZ articles on:

  • Evalutation
  • Portfolio Management
  • Economic Theory