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Hello, I'm Dan Garcia, a 29-year-old native and resident of Chicago, Illinois. I am an alumnus (but not graduate) of Princeton University, and am on a meandering path to one day receiving a degree, most likely from DePaul University. Academically, I have been (in theory) a pre-med, English, psychology, and business major, with the latter being the most likely candidate for the degree. In the meantime, I am a full-time father and husband, part-time student, and part-time tutor of ESL (English as a Second Language) in the Chicago City Colleges system.

I plan to be a casual author in the Citizendium project, as I have been for Wikipedia for the past several years. Having grown increasingly disillusioned with that project and having recently heard about this one, I duly submit this application. My fields of interest for authorship are mostly recreational in nature, but I have been known to contribute more meaningful material at times, such as when I have a particularly interesting piece of non-fiction sitting before me. I am thoroughly intrigued by the potential offered by Citizendium and I hope to one day contribute to its success. Cheers.