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Based in central Michigan, USA.

Professional theatrical technician (carpenter/Master carpenter, flyman, rigger, Foy system technician, electrician/Master electrician, sound engineer, pyrotechnician, props-maker) since 1984, touring stagehand for rock'n'roll, B-system Broadway, and 1st-National Broadway touring shows across North America and overseas, ETCP-certified theatrical rigger and arena rigger, IATSE Union membership and past member of my Local's Executive Board & Constitution Committee. Currently on tour across the USA as Asst. Carpenter/Rigger with 'A Chorus Line' National Tour '08-'09.

Over-the-road semi truck driver for 1.5 years (part-time jobs suck, BTW), happily married to an operatic Stage Manager & Director of Youth Opera Programs at the Sarasota Opera Company. Active Freemason and retired Officer of the Grand Lodge of Michigan. Avid long-distance touring motorcyclist. Avid target shooter ("bullseye" pistol discipline) and volunteer Range Safety Officer for the US National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

Oh; and I'm a big fan of sushi, too.